12 Tips to Spiritual Growth and Development

Spiritual growth and development is the journey which starts from within. This is not something only for the believers of GOD, but for everyone. Many think that growing spiritually means praying to God and to be more religious. This is not what it means exactly.

Spiritual growth is the Mind, Body and Soul connection. Growing spiritually means to know more about yourself, to know that you are a soul in a physical body instead of thinking that you are a body in a soul.

Spiritual Growth and Development

Benefits of Spiritual Growth:

There are many benefits once you grow spiritually. Some of them are –

  • to know your purpose of life
  • to become stronger both physically and mentally
  • to know your responsibilities of your life
  • to awake your inner capabilities
  • to reach your goals easily
  • to be healthy and happy

Once you are spiritually grown, you will also learn that our life depends not on the outer circumstances
but on the inner self. Being spiritual is our birth right but many of us are stuck in taking care of only our
physical bodies. Even though some of us having the knowledge of spirituality, they know only basics.

So, here are some tips to achieve Spiritual Growth and Development :

  1. Meditate: Meditate every day. If you are already meditating every day, then good. Otherwise start your meditation session with few minutes a day and gradually increase your time. Meditation has many benefits including your health and inner powers.
  2. Nature: Enjoy the nature outside. Go for a walk in nature or enjoy some time near greenery. This world is beautiful to enjoy and enjoying the nature really impacts our well-being in many positive ways.
  3. Fun: Have fun in whatever way you wish. Playing with kids, enjoying a good music, watching funny shows are some of the practices
  4. Openness: Be curious and open to the world around you. Gain knowledge of different people and their beliefs. Even if you do not believe others beliefs, exploring them can increase your spirituality level. Reading spiritual books can also help you in spiritual growth.
  5. Be Positive: Be conscious of your thoughts and when you find yourself in negative thinking, immediately switch to positive thinking. But do not force yourself to think positive. When you are in negative thinking, just stop and relax. If you are unable to think positively at that moment, then at least divert yourself in other activities.
  6. Limit to Electronics: limit yourself to electronics as much as possible, because they send positive ions which are not good for your well-being.
  7. Love All: Understand the fact that every one of us are the same. Love yourself and everyone around you. Find the positive things they have instead of hating them. Help others when they are in need. We are all connected.
  8. Food: For growing spiritually, you may need to shift your routine diet. You should have a lighter and cleaner foods. Your food should make you feel healthy and happy. It takes some time for you to experiment and choose the right food. Eat organic and avoid processed foods. Also, have plenty of water as our body is made up of 75 percent of water.
  9. Exercise: Exercise daily or practice yoga. Yoga is the best way to connect mind, body and spirit. Yoga cleanses your body and mind. Meditation and Yoga are the best practices for spiritual growth.
  10. Mindful: Being in the present without dwelling in the past and future is required for spirituality. Being mindful on the situations that occurring in the present is essential instead of thinking and worrying about past and future. Spirituality is all about living a happy life at present.
  11. Gratitude: Practice to thank God or the Universe everyday for all the things you received. How small it may be, just thank. You can even thank for a new day you have or any thing like that.
  12. Spiritual Groups: Join spiritual groups near your place or online. When you find like-minded persons, you can achieve spiritual growth very easily and quickly.

Growing spiritually is a journey and not a destination. Spirituality gives inner strength and makes you
more responsible human being.